We had the whole house and deck washed...full two day project. I just can't say good things, enough, about the process and final product. Woody showed up on time, had all needed tools/equipment, and provided options throughout the process. Final results are stunning and the preservation to the property totally outweigh the initial cost of his service, by far. So, don't hesitate trusting this company to work on your property/investment. Also, they are absolutely safe and trustworthy.

Rob Clements

Woody and his crew did a fantastic job cleaning the exterior of the home and cottage on our newly purchased property. The buildings had not been cleaned in a long time and especially the cottage was dirty from dirty animals etc. exterior cleaning solutions worked some magic and got the buildings and decks looking almost like new!

Linda Periut Johnson

Woody was very professional did an outstanding job. I highly recommend you give Exterior Cleaning Solutions a call for all your cleaning needs.

Curt Gibbs

Best service in the area. Quality, professional, and honest! Give Woody a call for all your exterior needs.

Janet Thornton

Made my roof look like new. Very professional and thorough. Protection for plants and fish were great. Highly recommend!

Randy Clark